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Broad & Bright is a full-service Chinese law firm providing a broad range of specialised legal services in multiple practice areas for domestic and international clients, with particular expertise and outstanding achievements in cross-border business transactions.

We have built our service on values that are shared by our clients:


By respect, we mean respect for our staff and for our clients both for the opportunity to work with them and for them as individuals.

By honesty, we mean providing fair appraisals of the issues in which our clients are involved and a commitment to make clear to our clients all facets of the matters our clients have entrusted to us. For our people, it means our commitment to them to offer the best, just as they offer the best of themselves to our clients.

By professionalism, we mean both by offering complete competence in all aspects of our dealings with our clients and those we approach on their behalf and by providing a fully supportive environment to our people.

Since our beginning, we have ensured that the legal services we render are in line with international standards. It is our responsibility to ensure that the difficulties our clients face are simplified rather than multiplied. Our professional training and hands-on experience in cross-border transactions are evident in the creative, yet soundly practical solutions we offer to the various legal issues that can arise for our clients in China.

Our lawyers are bi- or multi-lingual, but most importantly, we are bi and multi-cultural. Many of us were educated at first-class law schools in both China and foreign countries and have substantial work experience from top-notch international law firms. We understand where our clients’ concerns lie and what challenges they face in the increasingly competitive Chinese market. The academic and professional backgrounds that many of us gained abroad allow us to explain to our foreign clients the essential differences between legislation they may take for granted at home with that currently in effect within China. Maintaining partnerships with law firms abroad and drawing on the advice of legal specialists within and outside of China, we are confident that the solutions we provide will work for our clients.

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