Recent Cases  2018

  • The PPP project of the Wuhan Development Zone General Aviation Demonstration Zone has completed its procurement of project’s social investors. Broad & Bright utilities and infrastructure service team provides legal service for this project. The General Aviation and Satellite Industrial Park Management Office of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, as the project implementation agency, through public competitive procedures, has determined the consortium of China VAST Industrial Urban Development Company Limited, Langfang VAST Industrial Urban Investment Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Aifeike Aviation Complex Development Co., Ltd. as the social investor of this project.
    This project is a comprehensive urban development PPP project with a static total investment of around RMB 4.55 billion. The cooperation site of this project covers an area of 5.19 square kilometers. The cooperation period is 25 years. It is planned to jointly build a national-level general aviation demonstration zone. As a consulting agency of the government, Broad & Bright participated into this project in the entire process, including PPP transaction structure design, PPP transaction document drafting, multi-round contract negotiation, and other related legal consulting services. The main team members who provided legal services for this project include the partner Jin Liming, the partner Chen Jing, the senior associate Su Lingqiong, the leading associate Liang Na, and the paralegal Zhang Yuanjin.
  • The total investment amount of the PPP project regarding the rural living waste disposal of Huangshan City is around RMB 212,000,000. This project involves seven districts and counties including Tunxi District, Huangshan District, Huizhou District, Xi County, Xiuning County, Yi County and Qimen County under the jurisdiction of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. This project is implemented by the Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development of Huangshan City. As a government’s consulting agency, Broad & Bright has throughout participated in transaction structure design, preparation of transaction documents (including PPP cooperation agreement, etc.), contract negotiation, and other related legal consulting services of this PPP project. The main team members who provide legal services for this project include Mr. Liming JIN (partner), Ms. Jing CHEN (partner) and Ms. Ming CAO (associate). The professional services provided by Broad & Bright have been highly recognized by all parties.
  • This urban comprehensive development PPP project of Gegu Town is the first urban comprehensive development PPP project in Tianjin. The total investment amount for this project is around RMB 18.822 billion. This project involves a wide range of areas, which requires high professional ability of the lawyers. As an consultant of the government, the public utility and infrastructure legal team from Broad & Bright fully participated in the transaction structure design, PPP transaction documents (PPP cooperation agreement and etc.) preparing and contract negotiation, as well as provided other legal services.Key team members from Broad & Bright provided legal services for this project including Mr. Linming Jin and Ms. Jing Chen, two partners of Broad & Bright, the leading associate Ms. Lingqiong Su and two associates Ms. Na Liang and Ms. Ming Cao. The professionalism of Broad & Bright was highly recognized.
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