Recent Cases  2017

  • On December 27, 2017, China’s first foreign currency-denominated asset-backed special plan and the first aircraft leasing asset-backed special plan successfully issued in Shanghai Stock Exchange.Thisis an asset backed special planissued by CALFinancial Leasing Company Limited (“CAL”). The special plan is managed by Huatai Securities (Shanghai)Asset Management Co., Ltd., backed with relevant assets arising from aircraft leasing business as the underlying assets, and is denominated in USD.As china’s the first asset-backedsecuritized product denominated in foreign currency, this special plan fills the vacuum of foreign currency-denominated ABS products and diversifies the financial products in domestic capital markets. It is a major financial innovation and a milestone in the development of asset-backed securitization. A Broad & Bright team led by Mr. Rong FAN provided full legal services and issued legal opinion to the issuer and the manager on this project. The signatory lawyers of this project are Mr. Yuping HE and Mr. Rong FAN, and Ms. Hao CHENG at Broad & Bright Shanghai Office also engaged in the project.
  • Nissin Foods Co., LTD. (“Nissin Foods”, Stock Code: 01475.HK) has successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 11, 2017 for HKD3.54 per share, After adjusting for overallotment, the global offering raised a total amount of 900 million HKD. Broad & Bright has taken full participation in the listing of Nissin Foods and has provided special legal services for concentration declaration, employee reallocation,and other issues during the domestic and overseasreorganization of the issuer as the Chinese legal counsel. CFN Lawyers, theassociate firm of Broad & Bright in Hong Kong, provides legal services for the listing of Nissin Foods as a Hong Kong legal counsel of the issuer. Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, the joint venture partner of Broad & Bright in Japan support Broad & Bright and CFN Lawyers in relation to Japanese law for the listing project. The listing of Nissin Foods in Hong Kong fully showcases the strength of the cooperative structure of Broad & Bright, CFN Lawyers and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm.
  • As the PRC legal counsel for HP Group, Broad & Bright, cooperating with HP’s global legal counsel, provided legal services and consultation in regard to PRC law for HP’s acquisition of global printer business from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. HP Group purchased the global printer business from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. with the consideration of 1.05 billion US dollars. This acquisition will bring more than 6,500 related patents, a professional team constituted with 1,300 world-class researchers and engineers with rich experiences in the fields of laser technology, imagining electronics, and supply and accessories and all printer production facilities and manufacturing capacities in PRC to HP. This transaction was closed on November 1, 2017.
  • Broad & Bright represented Chervon Group and provided full-spectrum legal service for its acquisition of the global brands and business of SKIL, an affiliated company of Bosch. The closing of this transaction in North America and China occurred at the end of 2016. The closing of this transaction in Europe and other areas occurred on March 31 this year. This acquisition was led and managed by Mr. Hongchuan LIU, with support from Ms. Ren JIANG, Ms. Lei SHI, and etc.
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