• In 2014, partners at Broad & Bright have continuously provided financial support to underprivileged high school students from Huining No.1 Middle School in Huining, Gansu Province. During the same year, several of these students were admitted to colleges. The number of students under our support has amounted to 22.
  • Broad & Bright has been retained by LGT Venture Philanthropy to be its legal counsel.

    LGT Venture Philanthropy is an impact investor supporting organizations with outstanding social and environmental impact by way of equity financing, debt financing and grants. LGT Venture Philanthropy strives to improve the sustainable quality of life of the less advantaged by cooperating with and supporting its local portfolio organizations, both in the long-term and with long-lasting effect.

    Broad & Bright has been always proud to commits its resources to public service programs since its establishment. Philips Z. Ding leads the team of Broad & Bright lawyers to provide legal service to LGT Venture Philanthropy.
  • On July 6 and 7, partner Ms. Jie Zhong, on behalf of Broad & Bright Law Firm, participated in the activity of visiting B & B-funded students in Huining County, Gansu Province with the initiator of this program Shirley Xu et al.

    Huining is a famous poverty-stricken county with dry climate and limited resources in Gansu Province, and it is also a champion County with a good tradition of valuing education. In Gansu Province, Eight or nine of the ten top students in college entrance examinations are from here. There are 65% students attained the recruit line of the undergraduate class in Huining No.1 Middle School this year.

    The visiting team flew from Beijing at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning to Gansu Province, and then arrived in Huining County at 14:00PM by bus. First we reviewed the application forms from the poor students, then to analyze their learning situation and their families. Then we had a preliminary financial aid list after the first interview.

    On the second day, our team took a home visiting for some sponsored students. As most of high school students ‘home are in rural areas, they have to rent a shabby house in county. We were pained to visit those shabby rented houses. One of the poorest live in a small, dark, wilderness house only has 6 square meters and two single beds. The student in this family lives with his father and little brother. His father has serious kidney disease only can do some chores to support the family. In another family, the frail mother had cried when we asked where the applicant was. The mother choked to tell us, the boy went to a building site together with his father to pay for the tuition fees in Inner Mongolia. Broad & Bright Law Firm started the program in Huining County from 2012 by donated tuition and part of the cost of living fee. All the donations are been paid directly into students’ accounts in the past few years. The number of sponsored students has reached to 15 this year, some of the sponsored students passed the college entrance examination this year.
  • In August 2012, seven Broad & Bright partners contributed funds to support 10 impoverished high school students from Huining No.1 School of Huining County in Gansu Province. Funding will last two to three years, which will support them until their graduation from high school.

    Although Huining County is considered the only poverty-stricken county in Gansu Province, its education system is well-developed. This fact is quite significant because receiving an education and studying hard is the only way for many children from rural families in this area to improve their current condition; other opportunities for development in this region are few if even available. Despite the government’s current effort to implement a nine-year compulsory education policy, high schools still charge a tuition fee, which places significant pressure on many children from impoverished rural families here.
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