News & Events  2018

  • Ms. Jing CHEN and Ms. Lingqiong SU are selected as the recommended PPP experts of the Department of Finance of Henan Province
    On November 6, 2017, the PPP Center of the Department of Finance of Henan Province promulgated the “Announcement of Open Solicitation of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Experts by the Department of Finance of Henan Province” which publicly solicits PPP experts. According to the list published on January 30, 2018, 240 qualified people were elected as the experts in five catalogs of policy, law, finance, consulting and industry. Ms. Jing CHEN and Ms. Lingqiong SU from Broad & Bright are recognized as the recommended experts in the catalog of “Law”. Together with Mr. Linming JIN who had already been recognized as the PPP expert of the Department of Finance of Henan Province, three members from Broad & Bright have been listed as such PPP experts.
  • Mr. Linming JIN Was Invited to Deliver Lectures on PPP Practice for the Sixth Engineering Bureau of CCIN Co. Ltd
    On January 22, 2018, Mr. Linming JIN, a partner of Broad & Bright Guangzhou Office, was invited by the Sixth Engineering Bureau of CCIN Co. Ltd to conduct a half-day training on the theme of “PPP Operation Procedures and Related Legal Issues” in Sixth Engineering Bureau of CCIN Co. Ltd Guangzhou branch. This training was highly valued by the leader team of the Sixth Engineering Bureau. The leaders and business backbones from related departments attended the training.
    Based on his rich experience in PPP projects for many years, Mr. Jin systematically explained the concepts, current legislation, project investment, transaction structure, operation procedures in practice, financing modes, project contracts and ect of PPP, so to improve the attendees’ abilities for PPP business. Mr. Jin and attendees further communicated on some hot issues in the operation of PPP projects as well. During the training, Mr. Jin discussed with the attendees about the training and their interested issues and Mr. Jin made specific explanations based on his rich practical experience. The attendees think that this training is beneficial for them to deepen their understandingof PPP and to improve their ability to overall manage PPP projects in practice.
    Both parties are looking forward to further and more comprehensive cooperation in the further. This training is a complete success.
  • Ms. Fang LIU Joined Broad & Bright
    Ms. Fang LIU joined Broad & Bright as a partner. Ms. Liu received her LL.B degree from Peking University Law School in 1999. From 2009 to 2014, Ms. LIU studied in Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and received LL.M. and J.D. degree. Ms. Liu was awarded with the President’s Achievement Award from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, the Advanced Degree Program Scholarship from UC Berkeley Law School, and the ACCA (Associate of Corporate Counsel America) Scholarship Foundation Award, etc. Before joining Broad & Bright, Ms. Liu worked at Dickinson Wright law firm.
    Ms. Liu’s practice focuses on China and U.S. corporate law, cross border merger and acquisition, intellectual property, franchising and international litigation and arbitration. Ms. Liu is qualified to practice law in China as well as in New York, California, Michigan and Washington DC of the United States.
  • Mr. Linming JIN Was Invited to Deliver Lectures on the Session of “Practices in Overseas PPP Projects”
    In order to help Shanghai “Go-Out” enterprises to better understand the practices in overseas PPP projects, to improve their comprehensive response capacity and risk control ability inoverseas investment, and to train integrated talents for complicated international situations, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants LLP (Deloitte), as authorized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, held the first session of “Practices in Overseas PPP Projects” during a 2-day period from January 8 to January 9, 2018. Deloitte invited four experienced experts in this field to give lectures in this session to share their professional practices and experiences in this field. This session is one of the series of courses of “Globalization of Chinese Enterprises with the Accompany of Deloitte”.
    Mr. LinmingJin, a partner of Broad & Bright, was honored to be invited as an expert in this session to delivera half-day lecture on the theme of “Analysis and Countermeasures on PPP Legal Risks under the Background of the ‘One Belt and One Road’ Policy”. Based on his rich experience for many years, Mr. Jin focused on PPP legal risks and countermeasures under the “One Belt and One Road” policy background, and discussed the issuesinterested bythe trainees. The trainees think that the course was beneficial for them to deepen their understandingof the “One Belt and One Road” policy and PPP business and to improve their ability to overall manage overseas PPP projects in practice.
  • Broad & Bright Partner Promotion Notice
    Broad & Bright is honored to announce that Ms. Lihua YIN and Ms. Hua JI are promoted to be partners.
    Ms. Lihua Yin graduated from Law School of Shandong University with LL.B degree in 2006. Ms. Yin joined Broad & Bright in January 2009. The main practice areas of Ms. Yin are general corporate legal services, foreign investment and M&A.
    Ms. Hua JI graduated from Shanghai University Law School with LL.B degree in 2002. Ms. Ji joined Broad & Bright Shanghai Office in 2011. Ms. Ji has nearly 13 years of working experience, mainly in the areas of labor law, litigation and arbitration, intellectual property law, commercial bribery, liquidation and bankruptcy and general corporate.
  • Broad & Bright Held the Annual Dinner to Celebrate the New Year
    With the coming of 2018, Broad & Bright Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Offices held the annual dinner respectively to celebrate the New Year. In the evening of December 28, 2017, Broad & Bright Beijing Office held its annual ceremony in Beijing Wtown. They climbed the Great Wall together on the next day. All members and some families thereof attended the activity. Broad & Bright Guangzhou Office held its annual ceremony on January 5, 2018. With the theme of “Remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead with inspiration”, they celebrated the New Year together with new colleagues. Meanwhile, the colleagues and partners from Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong Offices attended the ceremony as well. Broad & Bright Shanghai Office held its big annual ceremony on January 12, 2018. All members of Shanghai Office provide their ideas and suggestions for the form and substance of the ceremony, which was held with united strength and full participation. With the theme of “Rite and Music, Ancientry and Reasoning”, all participants attended the ceremony with Han Chinese clothing. Meanwhile, partners of Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong Office attended the ceremony as well to celebrate the New Year together.
  • Mr. Libin ZHANG Was Interviewed by CGTN “Dialogue With Yang Rui” on CCTV
    On December 28, 2017, Mr. Libin Zhang, a partner of Broad & Bright, was interviewed by CGTN “Dialogue With Yang Rui” on CCTV to render his opinions on gas shortage and other issues related to China gas industry transformation and energy industry reform. This program pointed out that since the promotion of coal-to-gas in the winter of 2017, the natural gas is in short supply, which results in “gas shortage”. Besides the large demand for natural gas in our country and the reserve deficiency during the corresponding period, what’s other reason of “gas shortage”? How to solve the “gas shortage” problem? How the energy industry adapts to China’s growing energy demand? These problems have been discussed in this interview.
  • Broad & Bright Provides Legal Services on the First Foreign Currency-Denominated ABS and the First Aircraft Leasing ABS
    On December 27, 2017, China’s first foreign currency-denominated asset-backed special plan and the first aircraft leasing asset-backed special plan successfully issued in Shanghai Stock Exchange.Thisis an asset backed special planissued by CALFinancial Leasing Company Limited (“CAL”). The special plan is managed by Huatai Securities (Shanghai)Asset Management Co., Ltd., backed with relevant assets arising from aircraft leasing business as the underlying assets, and is denominated in USD.As china’s the first asset-backedsecuritized product denominated in foreign currency, this special plan fills the vacuum of foreign currency-denominated ABS products and diversifies the financial products in domestic capital markets. It is a major financial innovation and a milestone in the development of asset-backed securitization. A Broad & Bright team led by Mr. Rong FAN provided full legal services and issued legal opinion to the issuer and the manager on this project. The signatory lawyers of this project are Mr. Yuping HE and Mr. Rong FAN, and Ms. Hao CHENG at Broad & Bright Shanghai Office also engaged in the project.
  • Broad & Bright Provides Legal Services for Nissin Foods (01475) on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing
    Nissin Foods Co., LTD. (“Nissin Foods”, Stock Code: 01475.HK) has successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 11, 2017 for HKD3.54 per share, After adjusting for overallotment, the global offering raised a total amount of 900 million HKD. Broad & Bright has taken full participation in the listing of Nissin Foods and has provided special legal services for concentration declaration, employee reallocation,and other issues during the domestic and overseasreorganization of the issuer as the Chinese legal counsel. CFS Lawyers, theassociate firm of Broad & Bright in Hong Kong, provides legal services for the listing of Nissin Foods as a Hong Kong legal counsel of the issuer. Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, the joint venture partner of Broad & Bright in Japan, also provides part of the services for the listing of Nissin Foods in relation to Japanese law. The listing of Nissin Foods in Hong Kong fully showcases the strength of the cooperative structure of Broad & Bright, CFN Lawyers and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm.
  • Broad & Bright Honorably Named in Chambers 2018Asia-Pacific Guide
    On the night of December 7, 2017(Beijing time), Chamber and Partners, a renowned rating agency for legal services, released its “2018 Asia-Pacific Guide”. It recognized Broad & Bright as Band 1 in the area of Competition/Antitrust, Ms. Yao FENG wasawarded as Band 1 in the area of Competition/Antitrust and Mr. Rong FAN is awarded as Band 3 in the area of Banking & Finance.
  • Mr. Linming JIN and Ms. Jing CHEN joined Broad & Bright
    Mr. Linming JIN, as an equity partner, and Ms. Jing CHEN, as a salary partner, together with their team, joined Broad & Bright since January, 2018. After joining Broad & Bright, Mr. JIN will serve as the leading partner in areas of infrastructure and real estate as well as the management committee member of Broad & Bright and the managing partner of Guangzhou Office.
    Mr. Linming JIN graduated from Tongji University with a bachelor degree in engineering, and minored in law at Fudan University in the meantime. Mr. JIN received his master degree in law at Peking University. Before joining Broad & Bright, Mr. JIN served as the legal counsel for China Construction Bank Zhejiang Branch, and worked in King & Wood Mallesons and JunZeJun Law Offices as a lawyer and partner respectively.
    Mr. JIN practices mainly in the areas of PPP, real estate, corporate and financing business. Mr. JIN is awarded by IFLR1000 (2018) as one of the “Leading Lawyers” in financial and corporate business. He also awarded as the China Gold Medal Lawyer for PPP projects in the first public selection organized by China Bidding website in 2016. Mr. JIN has rich experience in Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Many projects led by him are selected as PPP demonstration projects. He also has rich experience in areas of real estate development, construction projects, new town development, especially in areas of real estate development, “three old” transformation, urban renewal, land reservation and first-level development, merger and acquisition of projects, and construction projects. Besides, Mr. JIN is rather experienced in merger and acquisition, foreign investment, capital market, banking business, private equity, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization.
    Mr. JIN is the legal panelist of the legislative panel for the Infrastructure and Public Utilities Concession Law organized by the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), the legal expert of the PPP expert database of NDRC, the legal expert of PPP center of the Ministry of Finance (“MOF”), the assessment expert of the third and the fourth batch of PPP demonstration projects held by MOF, the review expert of the urban comprehensive development projects cases held by MOF, and the PPP expert of many provinces. Mr. JIN also serves as the part-time graduate student tutor in Xiamen National Accounting Institute, the legal expert of PPP Research Center held by Tongji University, the legal expert of committee of experts for PPP of South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SCIA), the committee member of PPP Center in China University of Political Science and Law, and the distinguished expert of PPP Research Center in Business School of Xiangtan University. Mr. JIN often participates into expert review of various types of PPP projects as the legal expert. He is the legal counsel of the legal counsel office for Foshan Municipal Government and the member of legal advisory body for metro construction of Foshan City. Mr. JIN also served as the arbitrator in arbitration commissions of Guangzhou, Qingdao and Foshan. Mr. JIN is a member of the internal review institution for the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“NEEQ”) business of Guangzhou Securities Co.,Ltd. He is or was an expert lecturer at Tongji University, Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing National Accounting Institute and Xiamen National Accounting Institute and his lectures involve PPP, real estate and private equity funds, etc.
    Mr. JIN participated into the compilation of the “Case Selection of PPP Demonstration Projects - Urban Comprehensive Development (The Third Series)” organized by the PPP Center of MOF as an expert, the writing of the “Practical Experience of A Financial Hunter” published by Economy and Management Publishing House in April, 2016 as an editorial committee member, and the writing of the “the Adjudication Criteria of Bankruptcy Cases” published by the People's Court Press in September, 2009. Mr. JIN, in cooperation with the WeChat public account “PPP wiki” which is famous in the area of PPP, launched the "Rhythm PPP" column, and writes articles regularly in this column, attracting wide attention and praise. He also attends various of professional forums frequently and delivered speeches with respect to PPP, real estate, engineering and other fields. He also expresses his views on relevant legal issues in Caixin Magazine, China Economic Weekly, Xinhuanet, China Economic Herald, 21st Century Business Herald, China Financial and Economic News and other media.
    Ms. Jing CHEN graduated from Nankai University with a bachelor degree in law and a master degree in economic law. Before joining Broad & Bright, Ms. CHEN worked in DeHeng Law Offices, King & Wood Mallesons and JunZeJun Law Offices.
    Ms. CHEN has rich experience in the area of infrastructure as well as the implementation, franchise, bidding, merger and acquisition, financing, restructuring, anti-monopoly of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. She has handled hundreds of projects in extensive areas with various types. Ms. CHEN has rich experience in numerous projects in the real estate area, involving real estate development, “three old” transformation, urban renewal, land reservation and first-level development, merger and acquisition of projects, foreign acquisition, construction and etc. Ms. CHEN also provides legal services in finance and securities area such as IPO, NEEQ Listing, bond issuance (including company bonds, corporate bonds, medium term notes, short-term financing bonds), asset securitization, etc.
    Broad & Bright has established offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Tokyo successively, and established joint venture or stable cooperation with Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, CFN Lawyers, Formosan Brothers Attorneys-at-Law and Orne Law Office.
    The joining of Mr. Linming JIN, Ms. Jing CHEN and their teams will greatly enhance Broad & Bright’s professional strength in the areas of infrastructure and real estate. Meanwhile, relying on the mature business network and geographical coverage of Broad & Bright, resources of Broad & Bright offices are integrated, which further improves the business coverage of Broad & Bright in aforementioned areas and enables Broad & Bright to provide more efficient and high-quality legal services for domestic and foreign clients.
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