News & Events  2017

  • Mr. Libin Zhang Partner of Broad & Bright Awarded as ALB Client Choice 2017 Top 20 Lawyers in China
    On August 21 2017, Asian Legal Business (ALB) announced the as ALB Client Choice 2017 Top 20 Lawyers in China and Mr. Libin Zhang, partner of Broad & Bright, was honorably listed thereon.
    The selection was conducted by ALB through network survey, where ALB selected the most popular and most recognized top 20 lawyers preferred by clients in each practicing area in mainland China, after collecting feedback from numerous legal personnel, company management or third-party business consultants. The listed lawyers were selected by virtue of their excellent practicing ability and high recognition by the clients.
  • Mr. Jun Ji Led the Visit to Japan with the Key China Public Welfare Activists of “Japan-China International Joint Association for Afforestation”
    From July 2 to July 8, 2017, by invitation from Japan-China Friendship Center, Mr. Jun Ji led the key China public welfare activists of “Japan-China International Joint Association for Afforestation”, consisting of young Chinese comrades from economic, education, culture and other industries to visit Japan. During the visit, Mr. Ji and the delegation visited Japanese enterprises, schools, civil institutions and so forth, and had a pleasant in-depth conversation with the person in charge of the enterprise, school teachers and the legal professionals and think tank professionals. They planted a dendrobenthamia tree as a symbol of Japan-China friendship, in Yokkaichi.
  • Mr. Libin Zhang: Implementation of Chinese Energy Transformation shall be Grounded to Legal Support in addition to Conceptual Change
    On June 11, 2017, Mr. Libin Zhang, partner of Broad & Bright, was invited as a guest commentator to attend the academic seminar on “Global Energy Transformation and Chinese Reform on Petroleum Gas Industry” held by Hongfan Institute of Law and Economics. It was a great honor that Mr. Weidong Chen, former Chief Energy Economist of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), was invited to make a keynote speech. Other guest commentators include Mr. Junfeng Li, former chairman and researcher of National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation, and Mr. Xianliang Zhao, Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of Oil Gas Center of Ministry of Land and Resources. The director of Hongfan Institute of Law and Economics, and famous jurist of China, Mr. Zhiping Liang, presided over this academic seminar. Other attendees include experts and scholars from Development Research Center of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Ministry of Justice, Peking University and other universities, as well as national petroleum companies such as Sinopec, and representatives from media. Mr. Weidong Chen’s passionate and informative speech enlightened profound thouthts about energy transformation. Mr. Weidong Chen especially mentioned American mode (valuing the market, shale gas reform, technology and financial innovation), European mode (concept first; developing renewable energy sources), and Japanese mode (disaster driving energy transformation, importing LNG instead of relying on coal import) for energy transformation. Mr. Weidong Chen further proposed that China shall exploit its own advantage and explore its own unique energy mode. Indeed, the world is focusing on China’s energy mode to come into being. How to establish Chinese energy mode? This is a question that requires further deliberation.
    During this seminar, Mr. Libin Zhang, partner of Broad & Bright, as a guest commentator made a comment on this topic. The full text of Mr. Zhang’s speech is attached as follows.[More...]
  • Mr. Hongchuan LIU was invited to attend the Seminar of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Matters held by the Science and Technology Department of Sinopec
    Invited by the Science and Technology Department of Sinopec, Mr. Hongchuan Liu attended the seminar of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Matters held by the Science and Technology Department of Sinopec together with Ms. Guanggui Yao and Mr. Chenxu Feng in Wuxi, Jiangsu on June 21 and 22. Attendees of this seminar are leaders and senior engineers of scientific and technological companies and academic institutions affiliated to Sinopec. Mr. Liu gave training on legal issues in foreign technical cooperation. Based on years of legal practice experience in the field of foreign technical cooperation, combining with specific cases, Mr. Liu analyzed and introduced key points and matters worth attention in foreign technical cooperation agreement and confidential agreement.
    The Broad & Bright team led by Mr. Liu has been providing professional legal services for Science and Technology Department of Sinopec for 15 years, during which, the team provided abundant powerful legal support to Science and Technology Department of Sinopec, and accumulated rich and valuable legal practice experience, and in the meantime increased legal accomplishment and professional level of the team in the field of international Scientific and Technological Cooperation.
  • Mr. Libin ZHANG attended the Seminar at Tianjin University Law School
    Mr. Libin ZHANG of Broad & Bright attended the Seminars in memory of the two-year anniversary of reorganization of Tianjin University Law School. Mr. Zhang gave a speech on key issues in environmental ecological planning for coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.[More...]
  • The 2nd “Broad & Bright Ÿ Toranomon Chuo Cup” Golf Tournament was successfully held on May 27, 2017.
    Following the successful organization of the 1st “Broad & Bright・Toranomon Chuo Cup” Golf Tournament (the tournament in commemoration of Mr. Yifan Chen’s “a hole in one”) at Qizhong Golf Club, we welcome the 2nd “Broad & Bright・Toranomon Chuo Cup” on May 27, 2017. Special thanks is given to KOKUYO, Fujifilm, Nissin and Yuanjian Holding for their constant sponsorship to the golf tournament, and is also given to Japan Airlines, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and Ruipin Consulting for becoming our sponsors and providing generous prizes for the golf tournament.
    Similar to the scale of the last tournament, we invited nearly 40 honorable guests to participate in the golf tournament, including Mr. Jun Ji, Mr. Yifan Chen and Mr. Hui Dong, partners of Broad & Bright. Mr. Kenji Shoda and Mr. Shinichi Ogura from Toranomon Chuo Law Firm as well as guests from Japan and Korea who came all the way to participate in the golf tournament. It was a great honor that Mr. Kotaro Obayashi, as the special tournament instructor, came from Japan to attend the tournament and provide instructions onsite. The awards for the tournament are: net champion, net runner-up and net third place; gross champion; two far distance awards (OUT 9th hole and IN 13th hole); two near-hole awards (OUT 2nd hole and IN 11th hole); BB award; encouragement award; lucky award and special thanks award by Mr. Yifan Chen.
    Please look forward to our 3rd “Broad & Bright Ÿ Toranomon Chuo Cup” to be held in Tokyo in late October.
  • Libin Zhang: How Chinese Enterprises Conduct LNG Price Reconsideration Negotiation?
    In the afternoon of May 23, 2017, Broad & Bright (as the co-organizer), Beijing Arbitration Commission and China University of Petroleum (Beijing) China-Australia Natural Gas Technology Partnership Fund Northern Training Center jointly held “China Natural Gas Forum: An International Seminar on LNG Price Reconsideration Negotiation and Dispute Resolution” at the international conference hall of Beijing Arbitration Commission.
    Mr. Zhang Libin, partner of Broad & Bright and the initiator of this meeting, together with Dr. Shouhai Chen, director of China-Australia Fund Training Center, jointly organized this meeting. The expert speakers of this meeting include Ms. Yao Li, the founder and president of SIA Energy, Mr. Anthony Way, the supervisor and executive partner of Energy Contracting Company, Mr. Edward van Geuns, partner of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Singapore Office, Ms. Ana Stanič, the founder of E&A Law Firm, Mr. Jingzhou Tao, the executive partner of Asian business of Dechert LLP and Ms. Pu Feng, director of China region of Singapore International Arbitration Center, who respectively introduced issues related to LNG trading practices and dispute resolution. More than 50 professionals from government departments, judgment organs, research institutions, oil and gas companies and so forth attended this meeting.
    The meeting aims to promote Chinese oil and gas enterprises to make good use of LNG price reconsideration mechanism through international and interdisciplinary discussion, so as to promote healthy growth of Chinese natural gas industry. During the seminar, Mr. Zhang made a keynote speech on “Reflections and Suggestions on How Chinese Enterprises Conduct LNG Price Reconsideration Negotiations” and shared his experience and views with the attendees.[More...]
  • Broad & Bright and Wolters Kluwer jointly held the seminar on the analysis of representation and warranty clauses in M&A Agreement.
    On April 25, 2017, Broad & Bright, Wolters Kluwer and Beijing Arbitration Commission jointly held a seminar on the analysis of representation and warranty clauses in M&A Agreement. Mr. Hongchuan Liu, partner of Broad & Bright, analyzed on the common representation and warranty clauses in the M&A Agreement.
    During the seminar, Mr. Hongchuan Liu gave a brief introduction to the meaning, function and basic contents of representation and warranty, and then compared the characteristics of representation and warranty in different transaction structures, and further elaborated on the differences between representation and warranty and other terms of M&A agreement, such as covenants, conditions precedent to closing and indemnification. Meanwhile, Mr. Hongchuan Liu comprehensively compared the representation and warranty in the M&A practice between Britain and the United States, and explained the relationships between representation and warranty and disclosure letter as well as limitation of liability of the seller and major adverse events. Mr. Hongchuan Liu also took intellectual property as an example to illustrate the key points of drafting representation and warranty and discussed on applying Chinese judicial practice to representation and warranty clause based on existing judicial cases. Nearly 100 senior management and corporate counsels from well-known enterprises at home and abroad attended the seminar, including Xiaomi, Digital China, Autonavi Software, China Minmetals, China Railway, Sinosteel, Shougang, Shell, China Electricity, Beiqi Foton Motor and etc. The attendees spoke highly of Mr. Hongchuan Liu’s speech and the seminar ended in a warm atmosphere.
  • Broad & Bright was Recommended by LEGALBAND in the Ranking List of 2017 China Top-level Lawyers
    Recently, Legalband, the internationally recognized legal ranking agency, announced the ranking list of top-level lawyers in China for2017. Legalband provides grading ranking for leading commercial law firms and leading commercial lawyers in different jurisdictions, regions, legal market and practice fields. Broad & Bright and its lawyers were respectively recommended in the following fields to different extent:
    International Trade & WTO – Band One
    Antitrust and Competition – Band Two
    Energy & Natural Resources – Band Two
    Employment – Band Two
    Corporate and M&A – Band Three
    International Trade & WTO - Yao Feng
    Antitrust and Competition - Yao Feng
    Banking and Finance - Rong Fan
    Corporate and M&A - Hongchuan Liu
    Corporate and M&A - David Wang
    Energy & Natural Resources - Libin Zhang
    Employment - Yifan Chen
  • Mr. Libin Zhang Interviewed by New York Times
    Mr. Libin Zhang, partner of Broad & Bright, was interviewed by New York Times with respect to a case heard by the Intermediate People’s Court of Altay, Xinjiang. The focus of dispute is a meteorite falling from the sky. This meteorite was found by a herder in Xinjiang when he was grazing on his grassland. This meteorite weighs 17 ton, which is the second heaviest meteorite in China and fourth heaviest meteorite in the world. In 2011, the municipal government of Altay claimed it as natural resource, which shall belong to the state according to the PRC Property Law. The herder who found the meteorite disagreed, and held that the meteorite fell from the sky, thus it shall not be deemed as natural resource. In addition, it is neither movable property nor real estate, and thus the PRC Property Law shall not apply. At present, no judgment has been announced yet.
    The original text of the interview Meteorite Finder Fights China's (Mostly Terrestrial) Property Law was officially issued on the website of New York Times on April 8.[More...]
  • Mr. Hongchuan Liu made a key note speech featuring foreign direct investment in China at the invitation of Israel Export Institute.
    In the morning of April 2, 2017, Mr. Hongchuan Liu, at the invitation of Israel Export Institute, made a key note speech featuring the laws, current status and outstanding issues in relation to foreign direct investment in China at the Israel Export Institute located in the second largest city of Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo. The attendees of the lecture had a chance to have a heated discussion with respect to the most-concerned issues about the effects of new foreign exchange policy on overseas investments and other matters.
  • Mr. Hongchuan LIU attended Meritas Asia Regional Conference
    Meritas held the Asian Regional Conference in Singapore from February 16, 2017 to February 18, 2017. Around 50 law firms from Asian region and European and American region joined this conference. Mr. Hongchan LIU and Ms. Yijun WEN attended the conference on behalf of Broad & Bright. The attendees of the conference discussed the cooperation and mutual benefits among the law firms in the Asian-Pacific Region and European and American region, the trade policy adopted by the US newly-appointed President, and the impact it may have on the Asian-Pacific Region.
  • Broad & Bright is proud to announce promotion of partner
    Broad & Bright is proud to announce a partner promotion of Tracey Tang, which is effective from January 1, 2017.
    Ms. Tracey Tang joined Broad & Bright in 2015. She specializes in foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and dispute resolution. In particular, Tracey has extensive experience in providing contentious and non-contentious legal services to clients in media and entertainment industry. Tracey received LL.B and LL.M degrees from Tongji University. Before joining Broad & Bright, Tracey had practiced law in several leading international and Chinese law firms for around 9 years and she also served as Senior Legal Counsel (Asia) for Rovio Entertainment Ltd., a globally well-known mobile game entertainment and media company.
  • Mr. Yifan Chen interviewed by JAPIT (Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade)
    Recently, Mr. Yifan Chen was interviewed by t Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade, during which Mr. Chen made a brief introduction to the book Practical Guidance for Investing in Japan (co-edited by Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm) and expressed his expectation and made proposals regarding making investment in Japan. The interview was published on the third page of the “International Trade” newspaper (February 14, 2017, No. 2184).[More...]
  • Broad & Bright Honorably Named in Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2017
    In January, 2017, Chambers and Partners, as the famous evaluation agency for legal service, announced the “2017 Asia-Pacific Guide”. The following practice areas and lawyers of Broad & Bright were awarded

    Antitrust/Anti-competition —Tier one
    Yao Feng—Antitrust/Anti-competition Tier l one
    Ying Yang — Antitrust/Anti-competition Recognized Lawyer
  • Broad & Bright Shanghai Office Held the Costume Party to Celebrate the New Year
    On January 13, 2017, Broad & Bright Shanghai Office held 2017 annual party to celebrate the new year. The party was held in Mania bar at 6 p.m.. The theme of this year is costume party. All members, families thereof and old colleagues of Broad & Bright attended the party.
    The party was featured with brilliant programs. Yiting Ge, Lijing Yuan, Hailey Chen, Hua Ji, Eleanor Zhu and Roy Gong won the first, second and third prizes were respectively. The employees of the year were granted to Echo Huang, Jackie Chen and Lihua Yin. The managing partner David Wang reviewed the firm’s year of 2016, and appreciated the hard work of all colleagues. The annual party was ended with all colleagues exchanging their gifts.
  • Broad & Bright Held the Annual Party to Celebrate the New Year
    Honor carries the past, development aims for the future. With the coming of the 2017 Chinese New Year, Broad & Bright Beijing Office held the annual party at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel on the evening of December 29, 2016. The party was organized by the colleagues joining the firm during the past two years and all members, families thereof and old colleagues of Broad & Bright attended the party.
  • Broad & Bright is proud to announce promotion of partner and counsels
    Broad & Bright is proud to announce promotion of partner and counsels, which is effective from January 1, 2017.
    Ms. Wei Lu is promoted to be the partner of Broad & Bright Beijing Office. Ms. Lu joined Broad & Bright in 2007, and focuses her practice in the areas of dispute resolution, labor law, general corporate matters and foreign investment. Ms Lu received LL.B and LL.M degrees from China University of Political Science and Law.
    Lihua Yin is promoted to be the counsel of Broad & Bright Shanghai Office. Ms. Yin joined Broad & Bright in 2009, and focuses her practice in the areas of corporate matters, foreign investment, M&A, bankruptcy and liquidation, labor law and dispute resolution. Ms Yin graduated from Shandong University Law School with LL.B degree.
    Jackie Chen is promoted to be the counsel of Broad & Bright Shanghai Office. Ms. Chen joined Broad & Bright in 2011, and focuses her practice in the areas of M&A, foreign investment, banking and trust, and corporate matters. Ms. Chen received LL.B and LL.M degrees from Beijing Foreign Studies University and New York University respectively.
  • Relocation of Broad & Bright Guangzhou Office
    Starting from January 1, 2017, Broad & Bright Guangzhou Office will be relocated to the following new office. Our telephone and fax numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

    Guangzhou Office
    2606 CTF Finance Centre (Guangzhou East Tower), No.6 Zhujiang Road East, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623,China
    Tel: +8620 8131 6888
    Fax: +8620 3702 8033
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