News & Events  2016

  • “The Legal 500 Asia Pacific” recommended several practice areas of Broad & Bright
    Recently, “The Legal 500 Asia Pacific” announced its annual list of 2017. “The Legal 500 Asia Pacific” is a worldwide independent evaluation organization for legal service, dedicated to providing the most comprehensive information on the world’s most advanced law firms and advanced lawyers. Broad & Bright and its lawyers got recommended in following areas at different levels.
    Highly recommended areas: Competition & Antitrust, Corporation/M&A, Intellectual Property and Projects & EnergyLeading Lawyers: Yao Feng (Competition & Antitrust), Libin Zhang (Projects & Energy)Recommended Lawyers: Yao Feng (Competition & Antitrust), Ying Yang (Competition & Antitrust), Weizhong Wang (Corporation/M&A), Jun Ji (Corporation/M&A), Libin Zhang (Corporation/M&A and Projects & Energy), Ming Sun (Corporation/M&A)Promising Lawyer: Jinan Yan (Corporation/M&A)
  • Broad & Bright Honorably Named in 2017 List of International Financial Law Review
    Recently, International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000) launched their latest ranking for law firms in the field of finance and corporate business in various global legal markets. Broad & Bright was listed in the field of competition law and M&A, and ranked respectively as level one and level three.
    Three partners of Broad & Bright were respectively named as annual leading lawyer in various fields: Hongchuan Liu (M&A field), Weizhong Wang (M&A field), Yao Feng (Competition Law field).
  • Broad & Bright and LexisNexis jointly held the seminar on “Coping with Enterprise Layoffs and Labor Disputes Resolution”.
    On December 15, 2016, Broad & Bright and LexisNexis jointly held the seminar on “Coping with Enterprise Layoffs and Labor Disputes Resolution”. Mr. Taotao Zhu, partner of Broad & Bright, and Ms. Wei Lu, counsel of Broad & Bright, as professional speakers of the seminar, shared related experience with the attendees regarding “Employee Settlement in Enterprise Reorganization” and “Labor Disputes Resolution”.
    The seminar was held at Broad & Bright Beijing Office, and more than 20 corporate counsels or representatives of senior management attended the seminar. During the speech, Mr. Taotao Zhu shared the legal basis, specific circumstances as well as handling instructions and cautions in the practice of employee settlement. And Ms. Wei Lu shared her experience through specific cases-studies about how employers could serve legal instruments to employees if the employees refused to coordinate and how to deal with pre-litigation evidence collection and evidence collection in litigation and etc. During the Q&A session, the attendees made in-depth communications with the two lawyers concerning the related problems encountered in the speech and daily practice. This event not only furnished the attendees with new understanding on the above topics, but also provided a different perspective and mutual exchange platform for the labor related personnel.
  • Mr. Yifan Chen attended the China Business Lecture held at Japan China Economic Relations and Trade Center.
    During the China Business Lecture held at Japan China Economic Relations and Trade Center in Osaka on November 14, 2016, Mr. Yifan Chen made a speech on “In-house Legal Counsel, Labor Crisis and its Countermeasures of Chinese Import and Export Enterprises” and shared his practical experience as well as the relevant laws and regulations with the attendees.
  • Mr. Yifan Chen invited to the 2016 Young Lawyers Forum and made a speech
    On November 13, 2016, the 2016 Young Lawyers Forum, organized by Shanghai Bar Association and Suzhou Bar Association, was held in Suzhou. The theme of this year’s Youth Lawyers Forum is “Future Chinese Partners”. Mr. Yifan Chen, partner of Broad & Bright, was invited to the forum and delivered a keynote speech to the young lawyers country-wide.[More...]
  • Mr. Zhenyu Ding Attended the Global Anti-corruption Compliance Forum in New York.
    On October 24 and 25, 2016, the 2nd Global Anti-corruption Compliance Forum was held in New York. Mr. Zhenyu Ding attended the Forum on behalf of Broad & Bright, and co-chaired the Forum. Mr. Ding also participated in the group discussion on the topic of “The Trend of FCPA Enforcement and International Anti-corruption”. Mr. Ding shared the development of China’s anti-corruption practice and corresponding suggestions based on his personal working experience, and received positive reaction from the audience.
  • Mr. Libin Zhang made a speech on Wolters Kluwer In-house Legal Conference on behalf of Broad & Bright
    On October 10, 2016, Mr. Libin Zhang attended the 2016 5th Wolters Kluwer In-house Legal Conference on behalf of Broad & Bright, and made an excellent speech on “Overseas merger and acquisition: structure category, procedure and participants”, as one of the keynote speakers.
    The 5th Wolters Kluwer In-house Legal Conference was held in Beijing Hilton Hotel. More than 200 guests, including General Counsel of foreign and domestic companies, such as Valmet, Louis Dreyfus, Tiens Group, Dangdang.com, New Mei Da, Baidu Waimai, Yixin, etc., attended the conference. The conference analyzed the establishment of Chinese corporate legal system and the current and future status of its development from the aspects of legislation, social legal service system and corporate legal system construction, and engaged in discussions with regard to how to promote legal environment which is conducive to company’s innovation and development.[More...]
  • Mr. Libin Zhang Attended ECF2016 Sixth Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit and Made a Keynote Speech
    On October 17, 2016, the three-day ECF2016 Sixth Asia-Pacific Shale Gas Summit was opened in Shanghai. Mr. Libin Zhang, Senior partner of Broad & Bright attended the summit and made a keynote speech on “China’s energy financial and legal innovation under the national policy of energy revolution”.[More...]
  • Mr. Hui Dong attended a seminar in Tokyo on behalf of Broad & Bright and delivered a speech.
    On October 14, 2016, Mr. Hui Dong, partner of Broad & Bright, attended the seminar organized by “HIYOKO Association” at Nishimura & Asahi Tokyo Office as a keynote speaker and gave a speech on “Practice Related to Chinese Bankruptcy Reorganization”. Mr. Hui Dong’s excellent speech and in-depth discussion on the topic were acknowledged by the attendees. “HIYOKO Association” is a learning association for elite lawyers practicing in the field of business reorganization. Mr. Hongliang Yin, partner based in Broad & Bright Tokyo office, also attended the seminar.
  • Broad & Bright Cooperates with LexisNexis to Launch Professional Articles of Labor Law Series
    Broad & Bright reached agreement with LexisNexis to collaboratively launch professional articles of labor law series. This series of articles will be jointly authored by the labor law professional team of Broad & Bright, with an aim to systematically answer the practical problems that may be encountered in the labor service area. For the original article, please refer to: https://hk.lexiscn.com/topic/legal.php?tps=ep
  • Broad & Bright Cooperates with LexisNexis to Launch a Special Column of Labor Practice – Everything Has a Cause
    Broad & Bright reached agreement with LexisNexis to collaboratively launch a special column of labor practice – "everything has a cause". This column will be edited in chief by Mr. Yifan CHEN, partner of Broad & Bright, expert in labor law, with an aim to trace the source of specific issues in respect to labor law field, or to explore the “cause” of labor law cases and to find out the source of the issue, so as to take proper preventive measures. This column is also named by reference to the principle of “results are harvested from the causes, and there is a reason for everything." For the original article, please refer to: https://hk.lexiscn.com/topic/special_section.php?tps=ep&special_section_id=22
  • Broad & Bright Sponsors Stanford Law School China Guiding Cases Project
    Stanford Law School China Guiding Cases Project (the “CGCP”) was started in 2010. The project created a website that provides the English translations of all guiding cases released by the PRC Supreme People’s Court in recent years. These first hand materials enable judges, lawyers and scholars worldwide to understand the development in China’s judicial system. The project has received tremendous support from the legal professionals since its commencement. Broad & Bright is very proud and honored to sponsor this project.
    CGCP aims to “sum up judicial experience, unify judicial application of law, enhance judicial quality, and ensure fairness and justice in litigation”. It hopes to provide guidance on how to choose applicable cases and how to push through the limitations on such applicable cases, and to provide a better guiding case system to relevant authorities and decision makers. The project has collected all the Guiding Cases released by the PRC Supreme People’s Court in recent years in the areas of criminal, civil, corporate, administration, intellectual property rights, unfair competition and so on. For important cases, the project also offered commentaries from experts. Each case commentary is composed of six parts, i.e., Keyword(s), Main Points of the Adjudication, Related Legal Rule(s), Basic Facts of the Case, Results of the Adjudication, and Reasons for the Adjudication.
    After President Xin Jingping’s state visit to the United States in 2015, this project has received more and more attention from Chinese and American legal professionals, and has gradually become one of the main topics discussed among Chinese and American professionals. Please visit https://cgc.law.stanford.edu/ for more information.
  • Broad & Bright Joins Meritas, a Global Alliance of Independent Business Law Firms
    Beijing, China – October 19, 2016 – Broad & Bright, a Chinese national law firm headquartered in Beijing, today announced that it has been invited to join Meritas, a global alliance of independent business law firms. The affiliation offers Broad & Bright access to nearly 7,000 lawyers in 233 global markets. The firm’s clients will benefit from local legal insight, local rates and world-class client service.
    “With companies increasingly doing business internationally, seamless legal representation on a global scale is vital,” said Jun Ji, Managing Partner at Broad & Bright. “Through Meritas, we are able to offer our clients in-depth knowledge of cultural and jurisdictional issues in all of the major markets around the world. Meritas offers us peace of mind that our clients’ legal needs will be met with the same commitment to quality, professionalism and value on which we pride ourselves.”
    Meritas is the only law firm alliance with an established and comprehensive means of monitoring and enhancing the quality of its member firms. Meritas membership is extended by invitation only, and firms are regularly assessed for the breadth of their practice expertise and client satisfaction. Only firms performing under the tenets of Meritas’ unique Quality Assurance Program are recertified as members. This ensures that clients receive the same high quality legal work and service from every Meritas firm.
    “All Meritas member firms share a positive, consultative approach to business and a commitment to excellent client service. Broad & Bright has consistently demonstrated these qualities throughout its history,” said Tanna Moore, president and CEO of Meritas. “Businesses around the world will benefit from Broad & Bright’s partner-level expertise, personal service and collaborative, customized business approach.”
  • Broad & Bright Advised Wanxiang Holdings’ Investment on a Block Chain Project
    Recently, Wanxiang Holdings and Fenbushi Capital announced an investment of RMB 150 million on a block chain start-up company, which is so far the largest Series-A investment in the block chain industry countrywide. Mr. Roland Sun, a legal expert in block chain, from Broad & Bright and his team provided legal service to this project.
    On September 23, 2016, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs hosted the “2nd Blockchain Global Summit 2016”, releasing the details of this start-up project with the largest amount of domestic financing. Attendees of the release conference include: Dr. Feng Xiao, the vice president and executive director of Wanxiang Holdings Limited Company and founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs; Mr. Quming Tao, partner of Wanxiang Blockchain consulting service and general manager of Wanyun platform; Mr. Bo Shen, founding managing partner of first venture capital investment management fund Fenbushi Capital focusing on block chain technology worldwide; and Mr. Lilin Sun, founder and CEO of Juzhen Finance and deputy director of technical committee of China Ledger. During the summit, Dr. Feng Xiao announced that Wanxiang Blockchain Labs will unite various multinational giants and many Blockchain innovation companies and institutions to jointly develop and construct a10-square kilometerWanxiang innovation power city in Hangzhou Xiaoshan.
    As the only speaker representing the legal industry in the “2nd Global Blockchain Summit 2016” held on September 23 and 24, 2016, our partner Mr.Roland Sun delivered a speech titled “Code is Law” in that summit, focusing on the recent industrial hotspot: the synergization of blockchain and smart contract as well as the resulting legal issues.[More...]
  • Publication of "Practical Guidance for Investing in Japan"
    The book "Practical Guidance for Investing in Japan" has been published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House. This book is jointly produced by Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, with Mr. Yifan Chen of Broad & Bright as one of the chief editors.
    In recent years, with the encouragement of Going out” strategy of the Chinese government, more and more Chinese enterprises intend to make investment in Japan. In order to fully answer the doubts and questions of Chinese enterprises regarding investing in Japan, Broad & Bright gathered a number of Chinese and Japanese experts to compile this book from the perspective of Chinese enterprises.
    This book not only introduces the legal practice in relation to the investment in Japan to professional readers, including approval formalities of domestic government departments, and establishment registration, M&A, equity investment of overseas Japanese companies, it also provides Japanese industrial policy information, real estate investment, cultural etiquette and other contents, which are easy to understand for non-professional readers.
    For more specific information about making investments in Japan, please contact our official e-mail at (broadbright@broadbright.com) to buy this book.[More...]
  • Successful Closing of 2016 Forum on Chinese Enterprises’ Investment in Japan Held by ALB and Broad & Bright
    The forum on Chinese Enterprises’ Investment in Japan jointly hosted by Thomson Reuters ALB and Broad & Bright was successfully held in the Westin Beijing on September 21. The forum aims to help Chinese enterprises to fully understand the potential issues they may encounter when making investment in Japan.
    At 1:30 p.m., Mr. Yifan Chen (Head of Broad & Bright Tokyo office, Registered Foreign Lawyer), general host of the forum, announced the opening of the forum. Mr. Jun Ji, founding partner of Broad & Bright and Kazuo Imai, founding partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm respectively gave their opening speeches to express their sincere greeting and warm welcome to the guests, and briefly introduced professional background of Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm regarding making investments in Japan, as well as their expectations on Chinese enterprises to “Going out”. Thereafter, as invited by the host Mr. Hongliang Yin (partner of Broad & Bright), Mr. Ken Hirano, partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm and Mr. Weiwei Weng, partner of Broad & Bright went onto the stage, explicitly explained legal issues in relation to direct investment in Japan, including latest trend of foreign and Chinese enterprises investing in Japan, primary methods for investment and M&A in Japan, as well as notices and solutions for investment in Japan. The accurate interpretation and fluent expression by Mr. Taotao Zhu (partner of Broad & Bright) helped the guests easily understand the essence of this topic.
    The next topic about commercial dispute of Chinese enterprises in Japan is hosted by Mr. Yanjie Lian, partner of Broad & Bright. He raised six questions to the keynote speakers Mr. Takayuki Ariga (Partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm) and Ms. Dongmei Han (partner of Broad & Bright), regarding the difference between litigation and arbitration in Japan, basic procedure for Japanese litigation, and the comparison between Chinese and Japanese litigation, etc. At last, a practical case was shared. It was quite wonderful and impassioned on site.
    After the tea break, Mr. Takumi Hamamoto, partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm delivered a speech. Mr. Katsutoshi Nakamura perfectly conveyed Mr. Takumi Hamamoto’s appreciation to the attendees and expectations for future cooperation in Chinese. Afterwards, Mr. Yifan Chen, (Head of Broad & Bright Tokyo office, Registered Foreign Lawyer) started and hosted the discussion of the last topic. Mr. Kenji Shoda (Partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm) and Mr. Taotao Zhu (partner of Broad & Bright) jointly made deep and thorough analysis on “Practical Issues of Japanese Labor and Employment”. The interpretation by Mr. Feng Zhao made the audiences almost forget that the lecture was in a foreign language. Through the elaboration of the two guests, the other guests could easily understand the comparison between Chinese and Japanese legislation system of labor law, employment form, legal procedure in formulation of employment rules, conclusion of labor contracts, and modification of labor contracts.
    The panel discussion was ended with the brilliant closing speech made by Mr. Norio Yamazaki, Partner of Toranomon Chuo Law Firm.
    The communication session was followed, during which the guest mingled with the colleagues, and exchanging gains and feelings about the forum over the cocktail, or they re-encounter their old friends and talk happily with each other. As the host of this event, we sincerely appreciate every guest for attending the forum, and faithfully expect to meet you again!
    For more detailed information about making investments in Japan, please refer to the book, Practical Guideline for Investing in Japan, co-edited by Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, which was available in September this year.[More...]
  • Mr. Yifan Chen Spoke at the LexisNexis Summit Forum on Overseas Investment on Behalf of Broad & Bright
    On August 31, 2016, Mr. Yifan CHEN, on behalf of Broad & Bright, made a keynote speech on the Japan investment practice session of LexisNexis series forum regarding overseas investment, “Global Wisdom, Chinese perspective” (Shanghai).
    This forum attracted nearly 200 legal counsels of Chinese enterprises. Under the general trend of “Going out”, Chinese enterprises have realized that in the process of making overseas investment, they need to be aware of domestic rules and rules of target countries to be invested in, also they need to understand the cultural and political environment of the target country. Under such circumstance, as a mediate bridge, professional support from law firms is indispensable.
    Mr. Yifan CHEN, partner of Broad & Bright and an expert in the field of investing in Japan, introduced several hot practical issues for investing in Japan and preferential policies in Japan provided for foreign investors in a profound but easy-to-understand way from his own experience. After the meeting, numerous Chinese enterprises expressed their willing to get further knowledge about concrete issues in the process of investing in Japan.
    More specific contents regarding investing in Japan can be found in the book, Practical Guidance for Investing in Japan, jointly edited by Broad & Bright and Toranomon Chuo Law Firm, which will be available at the beginning of September.[More...]
  • Broad & Bright held the seminar on “Judicial Support for Arbitration Procedure” and “Introduction on Layoff Practice”
    Broad & Bright held a seminar on “Judicial Support for Arbitration Procedure” and “Introduction on Layoff Practice” on August 24, 2016. As the keynote expert speakers. Mr. Yanjie LIAN and Mr. Yifan CHEN, partners of Broad & Bright, made splendid speech respectively on the aforementioned topics.
    This seminar was held in Broad & Bright Shanghai office, more than ten corporate legal counsels/management representatives attended the seminar. During the speech, Mr. Yanjie LIAN made detailed introduction and conclusion on judicial support for arbitration procedure; while Mr. Yifan CHEN conducted practical analysis in a profound but easy-to-understand way by referring to a classic layoff case. The audiences obtained new knowledge on the above topics through the excellent speech made by the two partners. During the Q & A session, attendees had further profound communication with the two speakers with regard to relevant issues both in the speech and in practice. This seminar also provided a mutual communication platform from different aspects for experts and scholars interested in arbitration procedure and layoff issues in labor law.
  • Several areas of Broad & Bright were recommended by Asialaw
    Recently internationally renowned legal rating agency Asialaw Profiles announced its annual list of 2016. Asialaw Profiles focuses on commercial legal services in Asia, selects and announces the year’s leading law firms and lawyers every year.
    Broad & Bright got recommended in following areas at different levels:
    Outstanding area: Competition & Antitrust
    Highly recommended area: Corporation / M & A, Labour & Employment
    Recommended area: Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Construction & Real Estate, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Financial Services Regulatory, Private Equity, Projects & Infrastructure, Restructuring & Insolvency, Taxation
    Following partners were rated as Leading Lawyers in different areas:
    Yao Feng (Competition & Antitrust), Hongchuan Liu (Corporate / M&A), Jun Ji (Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Intellectual Property), David Wang (Banking & Finance, Corporate / M&A), Philips Z. Ding (Energy & Natural Resources, IT, Telco & Media).
  • Broad & Bright was nominated for China Law Awards 2016 by China Law & Practice
    Recently the well-known law journal China Law & Practice announced nomination list of China Law Awards 2016, Broad & Bright was nominated for the following awards:
    TMT Deal of the Year – Qihoo 360 $9.4B Privatization
    Competition Lawyer of the Year –Yao Feng
    Award research and review were conducted independently by editorial team of LAM’s China Law & Practice, Asian Lawyer, American Lawyer and Legal Week. Final Recipients will be announced on Annual Awards Ceremony on September 21, 2016 by China Law & Practice. The award aims to reward the outstanding performance of law firms and lawyers in cross-border transactions. Nomination of this year fully demonstrates the surge in trading volume in the lucrative Chinese market and law firms’ outstanding performance.
  • Broad & Bright Recognized as Top 20 Chinese Law Firms by Phoenix International Think-tank 2016
    On July 28, 2016, Phoenix International Think-tank issued, for the first time, the ranking of Chinese law firms with respect to the internationalized service capacity. As shown from the calculation result, Broad & Bright, with its outstanding comprehensive professional competence, entered into the list, ranking No. 19. Amongst the ranking of various professional fields, Broad & Bright was recognized on the list in four fields, namely, Labor Law, International Trade and WTO, Antitrust & Competition, and Corporate M&A. Among which, Antitrust & Competition field ranked No. 2, Labor Law field ranked No. 5, International Trade and WTO field ranked No. 6, and Corporate M&A field ranked No. 7.
    The release conference was held in Sunworld Dynasty hotel at 2 p.m. on July 28. Mr. Chuangchun Yuan, founding partner of Broad & Bright and Mr. Yifan Chen, partner who is in charge of Broad & Bright Tokyo office attended the conference on behalf of Broad & Bright. The conference issued its first industry evaluation report regarding international legal risk management for Chinese enterprises, Enterprises Overseas Legal Risk Management Report 2016, as well as the ranking list of law firms. Meanwhile, the conference also discussed on how to cast the legal safety net to protect people and property. More than 60 representatives from enterprises and law firms attended the conference and engaged heated discussions on relevant topics.
  • Broad & Bright Engaged as Expert Advisor of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Shanghai Office.
    In recent years, more and more Chinese companies intend to invest in Japan under the encouragement of the Chinese government's "going out" strategy. Recently, Broad & Bright was engaged as an expert advisor in respect of investing in Japan by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)※ Shanghai Office. JETRO and Broad & Bright reached a cooperative agreement that both parties will make corporative efforts to provide professional services for Chinese companies’ investment in Japan and to explore Japanese market.
    In the afternoon of July 20, 2016, Mr. Chen Yifan of Broad & Bright, an expert of investing in Japan, visited JETRO Shanghai Office, and had in-depth communication with Vice President Mr. Daisuke Iida and Supervisor of Invest Japan Department Ms. Huiling Yu. They all expressed that both sides share the same goal of helping and encouraging more Chinese enterprises to understand Japan and to invest in Japan.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Chen Yifan also introduced the role which Broad & Bright can play in carrying out the invest-in-Japan business. Broad & Bright can provide full services timely with support from Broad & Bright’s domestic offices in matters, ranging from domestic filing procedures to the overseas procedures such as registration of Japanese companies, mergers and acquisitions, equity investment. In addition, in order to answer the Chinese investors’ doubts in the investment process in an all-round way, Broad & Bright invited Chinese and Japanese experts to edit the book Practical Guide for Investment in Japan (scheduled to be public in September 2016).The book not only introduces the legal practice of investment in Japan towards professional readers, but also provides non-professional readers with easy understanding information concerning Japanese industrial policy, real estate investment and cultural manners. Vice President Mr. Daisuke Iida showed a strong interest in Broad & Bright’s developing plan of investment in Japan. He also expressed that they are willing to cooperate and communicate with Broad & Bright in various areas if there are chances.
    ※JETRO is a governmental organization affiliated to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and is the executive body of Japanese trade policy, which is responsible for promoting international investment and trade. So far, JETRO has 44 offices throughout Japan including 8 offices in China (including Hong Kong).JETRO can mobilize internal and external resources to provide foreign enterprises intending to do business in Japan with information and consultation on all aspects.[More...]
  • Broad & Bright held the seminar on “Corporate Equity Financing and A-share Listing”
    Broad & Bright held a seminar on “Corporate Equity Financing and A-share Listing” on July 8. The lecturer, Mr. Hongtao Zhu has around 10 years practical experience in investment bank, and specializes in IPO, refinance of listed companies, acquisition and reorganization of listed companies, and etc., with a focus on the consumer goods industry and etc. Mr. Zhu worked at Minsheng Securities and Huatai United Securities, and led projects such as IPOs of Taihua New Materials, Dongfang Huanyu and Huitouke, 2014 private placement of Yonghui Supermarket, corporate bonds of Jinya Technology, and etc. Mr. Zhu also participated in the projects such as IPOs of Kerong Environment and Hualv Biology, private placement of Xinlun Technology, corporate bonds of Shenhuo Stock and Hubei Yihua, asset securitization of Xiamen Jianfa, and etc. Mr. Zhu is currently the vice president of investment bank department of Citic Securities. The seminar was held at Broad & Bright’s office. More than 20 attendees including legal counsels or legal senior representatives from international companies joined the seminar. Mr. Zhu focused on the current status of IPOs of A-share Market of China and several issues that we shall pay attention during the process of IPO, and analyzed hot and difficult issues such as dismantling of VIE, and spin-off listing of enterprises. His brilliant speech and profound discussion received unanimous praise from the attendees.
  • Broad & Bright Successfully Held a Lecture for COFCO Featuring on EU and Swiss Law
    At COFCO’s invitation, Broad & Bright held a lecture on the topic of “EU and Swiss Law” on June 14, 2016, in collaboration with Squire Patton Law Firm and Wenger & Vieli Law Firm.
    The six-hour lecture started from Mr. Hongchuan Liu, senior partner of Broad & Bright. Mr. Hongchuan Liu introduced EU’s legal culture in general and went into details regarding the company organization, tax, labor, intellectual property, competition, food safety and environmental protection in the legal systems of EU and Switzerland. Following Mr. Liu’s speech, Ms. Xuemei Chen, partner of Squire Patton and Mr. Wolfgang Zurcher, partner of Wenger & Vieli, introduced the legal systems of England and Switzerland to the senior executives of COFCO respectively.
    During the lecture, the brilliant speeches of the lawyers were highly appreciated by the attendees, and in-depth discussions regarding relevant issues mentioned in the lecture and encountered in the international business practice of Chinese enterprises were communicated among the speakers and audiences. As one of the COFCO’s series lectures, this speech enriched the senior executives’ legal knowledge and contributed to COFCO’s legal risk control during its overseas merger and acquisition and its daily cross-border operations, which constitute an important part of COFCO’s international business strategy.
  • Mr. Yuji Miyamoto, the Former Japanese Ambassador to China, visited Broad & Bright Shanghai Office
    Mr. Yuji Miyamoto, the former Japanese ambassador to China and special counsel of Broad & Bright, visited our firm on June 22, 2016. Partners of Broad & Bright, Mr. Ji Jun, Mr. David Wang, Mr. Dong Hui and Mr. Weng Weiwei, warmly welcomed Mr. Yuji Miyamoto in the Shanghai office of Broad & Bright.
    Mr. Miyamoto entered the Japanese Foreign Ministry in 1969. Subsequently, he was deployed three times under the China Division of Asia Bureau to work at the Japanese Embassy in China. From 2006 to 2010 Mr. Miyamoto served as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the People’s Republic of China. In February 2010, he was appointed as an advisor to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In July 2011, he set up the Miyamoto Institute of Asian Research. As a famous diplomat of “China School”, Mr. Yuji Miyamoto is devoted to friendly communications and cooperation between China and Japan.
    As the special counsel of Broad & Bright, Mr. Yuji Miyamoto maintained a good cooperation relationship with our law firm. Following his attendance at the Broad & Bright’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in May 2014, Mr. Yuji Miyamoto visited the brand new Shanghai office again and kindly took photos with attorneys of Broad & Bright.
    Near lunch time, Broad & Bright invited Mr. Yuji Miyamoto to have lunch together with the attorneys of the firm. During the lunch, Mr. Yuji Miyamoto talked about his working experience and insights in life. He spoke highly of Broad & Bright’s concept “creating a law firm full of happiness and achievement” and discussed on the legal profession and the vision of Sino-Japanese friendship with the present attorneys.
    The visit ended in a pleasant atmosphere, and we look forward to Mr. Yuji Miyamoto’s next visit.
  • Broad & Bright held the Seminar on “Layoff Issues Arising from Enterprise’s Strategic Adjustment”
    Broad & Bright held the seminars on “Layoff Issues Arising from Enterprise’s Strategic Adjustment” in its Shanghai office on June 16 and June 23 respectively. The Speaker, Ms. Ji Hua, has nearly 12 years of practice experience and mainly practices in the field of labor law, litigation and arbitration, intellectual property law, commercial bribery, liquidation and bankruptcy as well as daily corporate matters. During the past three years, Ms. Ji represented tens of labor dispute settlement cases for big international companies, handled more than ten large-scale layoff projects, and took charge of day-to-day labor consulting service of various Japan-invested companies, from which she gained rich experiences in providing labor law services to clients. The excellent speech and profound discussion on the topic addressed by Ms. Ji were greatly praised by the attendees.
  • Broad & Bright Wins Awards in Legalband 2016
    Broad & Bright is pleased to announce that the following areas and partners of Broad & Bright have been ranked in top bands in China by Legalband 2016:
    Recommended Areas: Antitrust & Competition (Band One), International Trade/WTO (Band One), Corporate/M&A (Band Two), Employment (Band Two), Energy & Natural Resources (Band Two).
    Leading Lawyers: Yao Feng (Trade/WTO and Competition/Antitrust), David Wang (Corporate/M&A, Employment and Energy & Natural Resources), Hongchuan Liu (Corporate/M&A), Yifan Chen (Employment), Libin Zhang (Energy & Natural Resources).
  • Partners of Broad & Bright, Mr. Jun Ji, Mr. Zhenyu Ding and Mr. Yanjie Lian, attended the Launching Ceremony of Legal Guru Club, Southern China
    On June 5, 2016, partners of Broad & Bright, Mr. Jun Ji, Mr. Zhenyu Ding and Mr. Yanjie Lian, attended the Launching Ceremony of Legal Guru Club, Southern China. Mr. Ji gave a speech on the topic of “Remedy Methods in Judicial Process”, and received active response and praise from the audience. The Launching Ceremony was held in Shanghai Ruijin InterContinental Hotel. About 50 attendees, including general legal counsels from large enterprises and relevant personnel joined the ceremony.[More...]
  • Tracey Tang attended China Premiere of the Angry Birds Movie
    On May 17, 2016, Tracey Tang was invited to attend China premiere of the Angry Birds Movie at Bird Nest in Beijing. The Angry Birds Movie, a 3D animated film based on the video game series of the same name, was co-produced by Rovio and Sony Pictures. As engaged by Rovio, Tracey Tang and the team have provided full legal services for the movie’s release in China, the relevant merchandise licensing and marketing activities.
  • Mr. Libing Zhang attended the 2016 China Joint Venture Merger & Acquisition Conference
    On April 13-14, 2016, Mr. Libing Zhang, partner of Broad & Bright, attended the China Joint Venture Merger & Acquisition Conference held by Valuetang LLC China. As the keynote panelist at the Forum, Mr. Zhang discussed on the topic of “Art of The Successful Joint Venture and M&A” with Mr. Xuong Liu (Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal), Mr. Joe Chang (CEO China, Lincoln International), Mr. Jiang Tao (Head of M&A, Asia Pacific, Bosch AG) as well as Mr. Oliver Liu (Managing Director, Golder Associates). This forum was held in Marriott Hotel City Wall in Beijing and earned positive feedbacks from the audience, including state governmental officials, well-known experts and other relevant personnel attended this Forum.
  • Broad & Bright held seminars on “Practical Issues in Civil Enforcement Procedure”
    Broad & Bright held two seminars on the topic of “Practical Issues in Civil Enforcement Procedure” respectively on March 24 and April 14. The speaker, Mr. Lian, partner of Broad & Bright, has more than 13 years of work experience and has successfully represented many influential and remarkable cases. This two seminars earned positive feedbacks from the audience for Mr. Lian’s excellent speech and depth discussion on the topic.
  • Opening of Broad & Bright Los Angeles Office
    Broad & Bright is pleased to announce the opening of its new Los Angeles Office in Century City. The office is officially registered with the State Bar of California and doing business as “Broad & Bright, P.C.”
    The Broad & Bright Los Angeles Office is the Firm’s first US location, following successful launches in Hong Kong and Tokyo, and collaborates closely with the firm’s Beijing (headquarters), Shanghai and Guangzhou offices, to provide seamless, sophisticated cross-border corporate and business legal services to our clients.
    In addition to advising U.S. technology, media, med-tech and manufacturing companies on their China legal matters, the Los Angeles office also works closely with U.S. law firms to provide best-in-class legal support to Chinese companies in their U.S. M&A, PE/VC, real estate, licensing and other transactions.
    The Los Angeles Office is headed by Mr. Peter A. Neumann, Managing Shareholder, who previously joined Broad & Bright in Shanghai as an International Partner. Mr. Neumann grew up in the Los Angeles area and has deep roots in the Southern California business and legal community. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1984 with a Bachelors of Arts (with honors) in Chinese language and literature, and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the UCLA School of Law in 1989. Mr. Neumann has been actively licensed to practice law in California since 1989, and was also a Registered Foreign Lawyer in China, where he has lived and practiced for over 20 years.
    Mr. Neumann is fluent in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese up to a professional level. While living in China, Mr. Neumann accumulated rich practice experience advising and assisting multinational companies in legal aspects of their Greater China and Asia strategies and operations, handling numerous M&A, joint venture, greenfield, licensing, distribution and franchising transactions. Mr. Neumann also advises his clients on compliance, regulatory issues and government advocacy strategies, and actively advises Chinese companies on US transactions.
  • Broad & Bright is proud to announce promotion of partner and counsel
    Broad & Bright is proud to announce the promotion of counsel and partner. Promotion is effective from January 1, 2016.

    Ms. Candy Chen is promoted to be partner at the Beijing Office of Broad & Bright. Ms. Chen’s practice encompasses foreign direct investment, cross border merger & acquisition, private equity investment, outbound investment, overseas listing as well as general corporate and commercial matters. Ms. Chen received her M. Phil. degree in law from City University of Hong Kong in 2006 and LL.B from Tsinghua University in 2004.

    Ms. Amanda Ji is promoted to be counsel at the Shanghai Office of Broad & Bright. Ms. Ji focuses her practice in the areas of anti-corruption, labor law and dispute resolution. Ms. Ji graduated from Shanghai University and received his LL.B in 2002.
  • Mr. Lian Yanjie Attended the 315 Special Live Broadcast Program at Shanghai Traffic Radio’s Invitation
    On March 15, 2016, Mr. Lian Yanjie attended the 315 special live broadcast program at Shanghai Traffic Radio’s invitation. This special program aims to discuss and interact with audience regarding consumer rights protection, especially in the new consumption area. The program was simultaneously broadcasted by Tencent sh.qq.com by means of video, photo and text, as well as netizens’ onsite participation. Mr, Lian expressed his expert opinion on the issues of the application of the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers under the new consumption trend, and etc., and reminded that consumers must pay attention to the collection and retention of evidence. The details of the above program have been compiled and shared on Shanghai Traffic Radio’s official Wechat public account, which received extensive attention and favorable comments.[More...]
  • Broad & Bright Wins Awards in Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2016 Again
    Broad & Bright ranked in the Band One of Competition/Antitrust (PRC Firms) by Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2016, specifically designed to recognize the achievements of those law firms and individuals who have assessed and successfully responded to the dynamic needs of the client.
    Ms. Yao Feng and Ms. Ying Yang were also awarded the Chambers Asia-Pacific's Leading Lawyers Awards in Competition/Antitrust area respectively.
  • Broad & Bright Actively Contributes to Non-Governmental Communications between China and Japan
    On the afternoon of January 18, 2016, Mr. Yifan Chen, partner of Broad & Bright, invited Mr. Okida Mamoru, vice chairman of head office of Chuo University’s Students Association, Professor Takeishi Chikako, vice president of Chuo University, and other companions to our law firm, to attend the talkfest regarding establishing Chinese Students' Branch of Chuo University Students Association. After that, Mr. Chen invited the guests to a celebration dinner. Mr. Hattori Yutaka, chairman of Japanese Alumni Association of Shanghai Hakumonkai, and Mr.Sumi Jouji, permanent member of Nanko Club and etc were also invited to the dinner. Mr. Komura Masahiko, vice president of Japanese Liberal Democratic Party and chairman of Alliance of Japan-China Amicable Representatives sent congratulation speech to the dinner. The celebration party for “Establishing Chinese Students' Branch of Chuo University Students Association” was held successfully.
    Mr. Yifan Chen, partner of Broad & Bright, graduated from Chuo University, a well-known Japanese law school. Mr. Chen has been actively participating in Nanko Club of Chuo University and other activities, and is devoted to friendly communications between China and Japan.
  • Broad & Bright Wins Two Awards in China Business Law Journal’s 2016 China Business Law Awards
    In January 2016, Broad & Bright was recognized as "Competition & Antitrust Law Firm of The Year" and "Compliance and anti-corruption Law Firm of The Year" in China Business Law Journal’s China Business Law Awards 2015.  Award information will be published on the February 2016 issue of China Business Law Journal.
    China Business Law Journal’s China Business Law Awards are based on hundreds of nominations received from China-focused corporate counsel and legal professionals around the world. In determining the winners, the nominations (and the justifications provided for each nomination) were considered carefully in combination with other factors, such as each firm’s landmark deals, cases and other notable achievements over the past year.
  • Yanjie Lian Joined Broad & Bright as Partner
    On January 1st, 2016, Yanjie Lian joined Broad & Bright as a partner, prior to which he has served as associate and partner at Shanghai Xinhua Law Firm.
    Yanjie Lian mainly practices on litigation and arbitration, real estate, construction and projects, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property right, entertainment law and other fields. He has more than 13 years of work experience, and has provided legal service for dozens of domestic and international enterprises and government authorities. In the litigation field, Yanjie Lian has achieved rather positive results for many litigation cases with his outstanding professional expertise and unique litigation strategy. In addition, Yanjie Lian has been interviewed by many famous and authoritative news media, such as Shanghai Television, ICS Foreign Language Channel, Xinmin Evening News and Shanghai Broadcasting Station for many times, and has provided professional legal advice on many social hot issues. Yanjie Lian was elected as one of the Top Ten Excellent Young Lawyers of Shanghai in 2014.
    Yanjie Lian’s joining Broad & Bright will greatly enhance our competitiveness in the field of commercial litigation and arbitration, real estate, construction and projects and etc.
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