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Chongan CHEN

Education and Professional Experience:
Mr. Chen received dual bachelor’s degrees in law and politics from National Chengchi University in 2005, and an LL.M degree from National Chengchi University in 2012. With respect to professional experience, upon his admission in Taiwan in 2006, Mr. Chen started his practice at Taiwan Ruizheng Law Firm in 2007 as an associate and practiced with Formosan Brothers Attorneys-at-Law from 2011 to 2013. In addition, Mr. Chen passed the national bar of mainland China in 2009 and went for further education at Kanazawa University in the same year. Mr. Chen joined Broad & Bright in October 2013.
Practice Areas:
Mr. Chen primarily engages in drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution of construction project contracts, as well as legal consulting service in the area of foreign investment.

Mr. Chen has been practicing in Taiwan since 2007, with a focus on litigation, arbitration and dispute resolutions, especially in the area of construction projects. Mr. Chen has represented Japanese construction companies, Taiwan construction companies, and professional construction consulting firms for their litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution proceedings in relation to construction projects of subway, power plants, dams, research and development buildings and hospitals. He has also assisted construction companies in their negotiations with sub-contractors and developers regarding disputes arising from the performance of contracts. In mainland, Mr. Chen has successfully assisted clients in drafting and negotiation of construction project contracts, land related dispute resolution, debt collection, drafting of labor contracts, negotiation for disputes under technology development contracts, and etc.
With respect to pro bono services, in 2009, Mr. Chen proposed constitution law review together with five other pro bono lawyers with regard to the unconstitutionality of certain provisions in the Act of Compensation for Wrongful Detentions and Executions and successfully promoted the issuance of Circular 670 by the Court of Justice, announcing the unconstitutionality of certain provisions in the Act.
Research Area:
During his study, Mr. Chen participated the research plan of “Research on Apartment Building Management Regulations and Related Infra-laws” endorsed by the Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior and hosted by Professor Li Huang. During his work at Formosan Brothers Attorneys-at-Law, Mr. Chen participated in the research plan of “Analysis on Court Trial of Litigation Cases on Financial Instrument Invested by Trust (case study from the year of 2008 to 2011)” endorsed by the Trust Association.
Admitted in Taiwan;
Passed National Bar of mainland China
Chinese, English and Japanese
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