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Yifan CHEN

Education and Working Experience:
Mr. Chen obtained his LL.B. degree from Suzhou University Law School in 1990. During the period of 1995 to 1999, he went to Chuo University Law School of Japan and obtained LL.B. degree. He continued to study international enterprise relationship law in Chuo University and got LL.M. degree during the period of 1999 to 2001. Mr. Chen worked with Shimin Law Offices from 2002 to 2006. He was a full-time attorney at Shidai Law Office from 2006 to 2007. Before joining Broad & Bright as a partner in 2011, Mr. Chen was a partner of Runming Law Office from 2008 to December, 2010.On December 1, 2014, proved by the Japanese Department of Justice and registered with the Japanese Bar Association, Mr. Chen was formally admitted to practice in Japan as a registered foreign lawyer (subordinated to the Tokyo Bar Association).
Practice Areas:
Mr. Chen’s major practice areas include foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, debt recovery, labor law and foreign-related dispute resolution.

In terms of the areas of foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Chen has provided comprehensive legal services for around ten Japanese enterprises on the establishment of foreign investment enterprises in China, foreign merger and acquisition, and merger and spin-off of foreign investment enterprises, and liquidation. In the area of customs and logistics, he has been regularly providing solutions regarding logistic and business interchange of imported and exported goods, and technical import and export for a complete equipment supplier and its related companies. In the area of real estate and construction, he advised a number of Japanese large-scale construction contractor on construction market access and other related legal service. Mr. Chen participated in an overall conceptual design project on behalf of a foreign invested real estate enterprise, as well as advised on property management model design for a well-known Japanese building in Shanghai. Mr. Chen has extensive experience and outstanding performance in labor law area, including the provision of complete employees placement plans and risk predictions, execution of such plans during the reorganization or winding-up process of tens of companies, and handling a great number of labor disputes and crises (including striking) for Japanese invested company promptly and effectively. When handing individual labor dispute between employee and enterprise, Mr. Chen not only designs but also executes the plan timely and accurately. Since 2006, Mr. Chen held nearly 100 lectures regarding labor management and labor contract in China and Japan based on his practical experience in labor law. In the area of intellectual property, Mr. Chen focuses on the infringement of trademark, anti-unfair infringement, providing solutions to protect intellectual property right of multi-national corporations.
National Bar of China, Registered Foreign Lawyer in Japan
Chinese, Japanese and English
● Labor management Q&A for Enterprises in and out Shanghai, Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), 2004 (co-authored)
● China Handbook of Contract, Central Economics Press, 2006 (co-authored)
● In-depth Analysis on Labor Disputes Classic Cases and Non-litigation Labor Issues; Chinese Law Press, 2008 (co-authored)
● Labor Crisis Management for China Import and Export Enterprise, Japanese Nikkei News Press, 2011 (co-authored)
● HR Practice Legal Advisor, China Law Press, 2014 (co-authored)
● HR Practice Legal Advisor(second edition), China Law Press, 2016 (co-authored)
● HR Practice Legal Advisor(third edition), China Law Press, 2018 (co-authored)
● Mr. Chen published more than 100 articles in Japanese Industry News, International Commercial Law, NNA, Bros City Brothers, Biz presso, Super City, Whenever etc regarding labor law, customs law, internet law, anti-unfair competition law and bank law. Among others, Labor Law Frontier has been published in NNA biweekly for eight years and will be continued.
Since 2006, Mr. Chen extended nearly 100 public speeches on thesis of legal management, labor contact law and commercial bribery in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka of Japan and Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Chongqing, Wuhan and other cities of China respectively (JETRO, OSAKA Operator Association, kansai Operator Association, Japanese Outbound Enterprises Association, Independent Administrative Legal Person of Medium and Small Enterprises Base and Recondition Organization), and certain universities (Fudan University EMBA), financial institutions (Legal Person in China of Japanese Invested Bank, Legal Person in China of Japanese Invested Insurance Company) and some foreign invested enterprises.
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