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Linming JIN

Education and Professional Experience:
Before joining Broad & Bright, Mr. JIN worked in King& Wood Mallesons and JunZeJun Law Offices as a lawyer and partner respectively. Before joining King& Wood Mallesons, Mr. JIN served as the legal counsel for China Construction Bank Zhejiang Branch.

Mr. JIN graduated from Tongji University with a bachelor degree in engineering, and minored in law at Fudan University in the meantime. Mr. JIN received his master degree in law at Peking University.
Practice Area:
Mr. JIN hasrich experience in public utilities and infrastructure, particularly in Public-PrivatePartnership (PPP) implementation, concession, bidding, merger and acquisition, financing, restructuring of PPP projects in the industries such as sewage treatment, water supply, waste disposal, metro transportation, energy, toll roads (bridges), municipal roads, water environment treatment, environmental restoration, utility tunnel (including oil pipeline), The Sponge City, aged support, medical treatment, Smart City, parks, scenic spots, stadiums, regional development, etc. Many projects led by Linming Jin arerecognized as the best infrastructure project by China Business Law Journal. Many projects are also listed as PPP demonstration projects by Ministry of Finance of the PRC.
Mr. JIN also has rich experiences in areas of real estate development, construction projects, new town development, especially in areas of real estate development, “three old” transformation, urban renewal, land reservation and first-level development, merger and acquisition of projects, and construction projects. Mr. JIN dealt with hundreds of real estate projects in various types. Besides, Mr. JIN is rather experienced in merger and acquisition, foreign investment, capital markets,asset-backed securitization (ABS), banking, private equity, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization.
National Bar of China
Chinese and English
Social Activities and Awards:
Mr. JIN is the legal panelist of the legislative panel for the Infrastructure and Public Utilities Concession Law organized by the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), the legal expert of the PPP expert database of NDRC, the legal expert of PPP center of the Ministry of Finance (“MOF”), the assessment expert of the third and the fourth batch of PPP demonstration projects held by MOF, the review expert of the urban comprehensive development projects cases held by MOF, the review expert of the infrastructure held by NDRC、and the PPP expert of many provinces. Mr. JIN is the director of the investment and finance branch of China Technology Economics(ony one lawyer).Mr. JIN also serves as part-time professor of Economics and Management School of Beijing Jiaotong University, the part-time graduate student tutor in Xiamen National Accounting Institute, the legal expert of PPP Research Center held by Tongji University, the legal expert of committee of experts for PPP of South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SCIA), and the committee member of PPP Center in China University of Political Science and Law. He is the legal counselof the legal counsel office forFoshanMunicipal Government and the member of legal advisory body for metro construction of FoshanCity. Mr. JIN also served as the arbitrator in arbitration commissions of Guangzhou, Qingdao and Foshan. He is or was an expert lecturer at many institutions and his lectures involvePPP, real estate and private equity funds, etc.
Led by Mr. JIN, the construction and infrastructure area of Broad&Bright was recognized as the Premium Law Firm in 2019 by《CHINA BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL》,Mr. JIN wasawarded by the authoritative mediaIFLR1000 (2018) asnotable practitionerin financing and corporate businessin succession (2018, 2019). Mr. JIN was listed as a recommended lawyer in the field of "Project and Energy" (2019)by the famous legal media Legal 500. Hewasalso awarded as the China Gold Medal Lawyer for PPP projects in the first public selection organized by China Bidding website in 2016.
Mr. JIN participated into the compilation of the “Case Selection of PPP Demonstration Projects - Urban Comprehensive Development (The Third Series)” organized by the PPP Center of MOF as an expert, and commented on "Typical Cases of Chinese Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Projects" published by NDRC as an expert. As an editor, he participated in the compilation of "National Collection of Public Resources Transaction Laws and Practices". As an external expert, he proofread and commented on the Chinese translation of "PPP Contractual Provisions Guidance 2017" (World Bank Guide to PPP Contract Provisions 2017) organized by the PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance. Many of his works were selected into the publications organized by the PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance and PPP Wiki. As an editorial committee member, he participated in the writing of the “Practical Experience of A Financial Hunter” published by Economy and Management Publishing House in April, 2016, and the writing of the “the Adjudication Criteria of Bankruptcy Cases” published by the People's Court Press in September, 2009. Mr. JIN, in cooperation with the WeChat public account “PPP wiki” which is famous in the area of PPP, launched the "Rhythm PPP" column, and writes articles regularly in this column, attracting wide attention and praise. Many articles were reposted by the Wechat Public Account - PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance. He also frequently delivers speeches with respect to PPP, real estate, engineering and other fields and expresses his views on relevant legal issues in Caixin Magazine, China Economic Weekly, Xinhuanet, China Economic Herald, 21st Century Business Herald, China Financial and Economic News and other media.
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