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Broad&Bright KeyMember Linzhu WANG CARD

Linzhu WANG

Education and Experience:
L.L.B., Beijing University School of Law, 1991. Legal Department Officer, State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC, 1991-1995. Practice Lawyer, Intellectual Property Consultant and Intellectual Property Infringement Investigation Commissioner, 1996-2006. Partner, Broad & Bright Law Firm, 2006-present.
Practice Areas:
Litigation & Arbitration, Intellectual Properties, Real Estate & Construction

Mr. Wang joined Broad & Bright Law Firm in November 2006, before that, he had nearly 10 years practicing experience as a lawyer. After receiving his L.L.B. degree from Peking University School of Law, Mr. Wang started his legal career as a legal Department Officer at State Intellectual Property Office, the topmost intellectual administration authority in China.

Mr. Wang has accumulated rich experiences in litigation, arbitration and disputes resolution during his long-term traditional lawyer practice for almost 10 years. He has represented domestic and international clients in hundreds of cases before China’s Supreme People’s Court and various Chinese courts and arbitration tribunals in resolution of all kinds of civil and commercial disputes.

In the intellectual property area including patent and trademark, he is not only familiar with registration issues of patent and trademark but also very good at effective protection of clients’ rights and interests by using administrative, civil and criminal methods. He has represented many renowned foreign companies or famous brands in protection of their intellectual property in China.

Besides, Mr. Wang is also highly renowned and reputed in real estate and construction area. He has provided full legal services to many principal real estate developers and construction enterprises. He has advised over 50 real estate projects in their legal resolution scheme of project development, project transfer, project construction, sales and related property management as well as related disputes resolution.
National Bar of China
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