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Broad&Bright KeyMember Lihua Yin CARD

Lihua Yin

Education background and Working Experience:
In 2006, Ms. Lihua Yin graduated from Law School of Shandong University with Laws of Bachelor degree.

In January 2009, Ms. Lihua Yin joined Broad & Bright.
Practice Field:
The major practice fields of Lihua Yin are day-to-day legal services for companies, foreign investment and M&A.

Since practicing, Lihua Yin has provided day-to-day legal services to numerous enterprises (especially Japanese companies) in various industries with different types throughout the year. Ms. Yin is familiar with various types of legal service requests which are common in day-to-day operation of enterprises, including personnel system and labor dispute settlement, compliance system and government investigation, contract review and negotiation, and intellectual property consultation.

In the field of foreign investment and M&A, Lihua Yin participated in numerous cases regarding foreign-funded establishment, M&A, group of companies’ reorganization, and foreign capital retreat, where Lihua Yin accumulated rich experiences in the aspects of legal due diligence, review and negotiation of transaction documents, government procedures and communication, and other related legal services.

In 2007, the paper Rule of Law in Japanese Public Law written by Japanese scholar Kenji Kamino, translated by Lihua Yin was published on Shandong University Law Review. In 2014, as a member of editorial team, Lihua Yin participated in compiling work for HR Whole Procedure Legal Consulting, published by Law Press China. In 2016, Lihua Yin participated in the compiling work for Practical Guideline for Investment in Japan, published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House.

Qualification of Lawyers:
Chinese Lawyer.
Chinese,Japanese, English
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